Huggy Duggy was founded in Washington DC in 2012 to provide quality apparel and products for dog and pet lovers.

The brand was inspired by a special rescue dog—Seaver–who showed his family that the world and their community was much greater and caring than she ever believed it to be.
The Huggy Duggy brand is unique, fun and loyal. The brand symbol is distinctive and a universally understood representation of a dog. From its inception, Huggy Duggy has been committed to giving back a percentage of profits to search and rescue organizations, global and local.
Huggy Duggy established a formal Power Alliance with the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation in April 2014, secured a Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) license to sell apparel tee shirts and apparel at the collegiate level, and continues to secure and seek relationships with entities and organizations that share its values.
As we have learned in this 2020 pandemic, dogs and pets are critical to our human lives.